The Wisconsin Hispanic Lawyers Association

WHLA Mission Statement

The purposes of the Wisconsin Hispanic Lawyers Association shall be to advance the professional development of its members, to advise on issues of interest to the Hispanic community on a local and national level, and to carry on such other purposes as set forth from time to time in its Articles of Incorporation and its By-laws.

Declaración de la misión de WHLA

La Asociación de Abogados Hispanos de Wisconsin (WHLA) tiene por objetivo adelantar el desarrollo profesional de sus miembros, asesorar con respecto a temas de interés a la comunidad Hispana a nivel local y nacional, y de llevar a cabo todos los demás objetivos que dispongan sus Artículos de Incorporación y sus Estatutos.

Past Presidents

Craig A. Mastantuono2014-2016
Micabil Diaz-Martinez2012-2014
Adria D. Maddaleni2010-2012
Carlos A. Ortiz2009-2010
Kristela L. Cervera2008-2009
Carmen Ortiz-Babilonia2007-2008
Micabil Diaz-Martinez2006-2007
Neifor B. Acosta2005-2006
David A. Westrup2004-2005
Ana M. Berrios2003-2004
Francisco Araiza2002-2003
Ernesto Romero2001-2002
Margaret Aguayo Asterlin2000-2001
Pedro A. Colón1999-2000
Israel Ramon1998-1999
Andrew J. Chevrez1997-1998
Edward A. Fallone1996-1997
Peter L. Ramirez1995-1996
Harold O.M. Rocha1994-1995
Michael Reyes 1990-1994
Ness Flores 1988-1990
Jose A. Olivieri 1986-1988
Joseph M. Rivas 1984-1986

Meet the Board

Name and Contact InfoTitle
Atty. Cain W. Oulahan
Erich C Straub Immigration Atty LLC
401 E Kilbourn Ave Ste 302
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3212
Phone:(414) 224-8472
Fax:(414) 224-8481
Term: 7/1/2016-6/30/2017
Honorable Pedro A. Colon
Milwaukee County Circuit Court
901 N 9th St # 400
Milwaukee, WI 53233-1425
Phone:(414) 278-5100
Fax:(414) 223-1242
Term: 7/1/2016-6/30/2017
Vice President
Atty. Maria I. Lopez
Maria I. Lopez Immigration Law, LLC
5032 W Forest Home Avenue Ste 4
Milwaukee, WI 53203-4504
Term: 7/1/2016-6/30/2018
Atty. Gia M. Pionek Valle
Pionek Valle Law Group LLC
1535 E Racine Ave
Waukesha, WI 53186-6826
Phone:(262) 208-5291
Term: 9/30/2015-6/30/2017
Atty. Brian H. Wayman
Ortiz Law Firm
7000 Crossroads Blvd Ste 1068
Oklahoma City, OK 73149-3231
Term: 7/1/2013-6/30/2018
Atty. Kristina M. Cervera Garcia
Cervera Garcia Law Offices LLC
4522 W Greenfield Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53214-5305
Phone:(414) 763-5030
Fax:(414) 763-5031
Term: 7/1/2015-6/30/2017
Atty. Jack L. Davila
The Previant Law Firm SC
310 W Wisconsin Ave Ste 100MW
Milwaukee, WI 53203-2224
Phone:(414) 271-4500
Fax:(414) 271-6308
Atty. Craig A. Mastantuono
Mastantuono & Coffee SC
219 N Milwaukee St Ste 5B
Milwaukee, WI 53202-5818
Phone:(414) 276-8662
Fax:(414) 276-8661
Term: 7/1/2016-6/30/2018
Atty. Israel Ramon
Ramon & Medrano SC
5720 W Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53219-4301
Phone:(414) 949-5291
Fax:(414) 763-0985
Term: 7/1/2015-6/30/2017
Atty. Michelle L. Velasquez
State Public Defenders Office Appellate Division
735 N Water St Ste 912
Milwaukee, WI 53202-4105
Phone:(414) 227-4805
Fax:(414) 227-4508
Term: 7/1/2015-6/30/2018
Atty. Benjamin E. Reyes
McCoy Leavitt Laskey LLC
N19 W24200 Riverwood Drive, Suite 125
Waukesha, WI 53188
Phone: 262-522-7012
Fax: 262-522-7020
Term: 7/1/2016-6/30/2017
State Bar Board of Governors Liaison


Professional Development

This space is reserved for verbage describing the Professional Development committee.


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Judicial Selection Committee

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Community Service

La Rosa Blanca Award

La Rosa Blanca honors and recognizes a person who has demonstrated courage and leadership regarding legal issues affecting Hispanics.

Selection criteria include:

  • Advancement of principles important to WHLA, such as access to justice, interpreters in the justice system, diversity.
  • Whether the candidate's contributions involved personal or professional sacrifice.
  • Whether the candidate's achievements went beyond his or her normal work duties.

Nominations for the Rosa Blanca:

WHLA President should remind WHLA members on or about August 1 that the nomination period is open. The notice should be in writing or by electronic mail and should include the selection criteria. Nominations are open to any person, including past or present WHLA members. Any WHLA member may submit a nomination at any time during the month of August. Nominations shall be in writing or by electronic mail and shall include a brief summary of why the nominee is worthy of the award.


Selection will take place at the September meeting of the WHLA Board with all Board members having an equal vote. Standing WHLA Board members are ineligible for the award. The WHLA Board is not required to present the Rosa Blanca Award if it determines there are no candidates that meet the criteria to receive the award for any given year.

WHLA Scholarship Fund

For information regarding the WHLA Scholarship Fund please click here.